Small Talk Six: Things My Husband Doesn't Touch

This week's Small Talk Six is all about the 6 of your favorite things that are pink.  Now I love the color pink and I have learned that if I buy something in that color, my husband will leave them alone and they are mine.  I am not an incredible girly girl but I do like girly things everyone else in a while so I have just the right amount of things in pink.  :-)

1.  My iPod Touch Case - my iPod Touch is already my favorite item so to add my pink case - makes it just perfect!  It also keeps my husband from stealing it which he is prone to do.

2.  The HP Netbook I'm thinking of getting - it's pink, it's cute, it has a flower on the cover, and my dear husband will leave it alone - need I say more.  :-)  I am sure it's a need.  :-)

3.  My Built Laptop Sleeve - it is the perfect blend of lots of girly colors with lots of pink blended through it.

4.  My North Dakota Hoody I am currently wearing.  It is soft, warm, and comfy.  :-)

5.  My daughter's almost entire wardrobe!  While there is a mix of red, green, purple, and blue; there is the perfect amount of girly pink stuff!  Pink shoes, pink pants, pink dresses, pink tights, pink hairbows - we love pink!

6.  My daughter's broom and mop.  I love these two items because she helps me around the house with cleaning due to these very cute pink things.

Pink adds just that perfect touch of femininity.  I'm drawn to it and tend to buy it over other colors.  What are your favorite things that are pink?  Or do you absolutely hate the color pink?  I would love to hear your thoughts! 

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Susan@What Happened To My House said...

I will buy things pink so my dh won't mess with them (pink blanket etc...) Dh hates pink, it is so unmanly but yet he still messes with my pink stuff. Go figure. Great list.

Brittany said...

Gah - I totally forgot about my Netbook! Mine is pink from Lenovo...LOVEEEEE it!

kasandria said...

I said the same thing about the netbook!

A Keeper At Home said...

I am so not a pink kinda girl. LOL But I came up with some pretty out there answers. LOL

I love my daughter's pink leotard tutu and her matching ballet shoes. She loves them so much and that makes me happy. LOL

Hazel said...

I see a very cool gender distinction in your home. I love men who stay away from girls' stuff; tells me they are really men :) Your daughter's broom and mop is such a great idea for encouraging kids to contribute in household chores. Yay to way you presented your list. Love it!

Alicia said...

I would love a pink laptop!

Rachael's DH said...

I knew I was a daddy of a little girl when I went to pull clothes out for of the drier for her and the drier lint was neon pink! I'm getting used to pink but if I want to use Rach's Ipod Touch, I take it out of the pink case!!