A Soggy Sandwich and a Stale Rice Krispie Bar

My husband, Gabriel, and I hit the road very early Monday morning to go to a conference in Wisconson.  I had lovingly packed a lunch for us so that we could arrive at our destination with little stops as the conference started that very night.  Our lunch was great but we ate it at 11 because we had been up so long so lunch was early. 

Had we known what was on our horizon for dinner that night - I think we would have eaten later.  We arrived at our hotel room, cleaned up, and got ready for that night.  Not really knowing our way around, we headed to the conference with full intent to get dinner.  We really didn't have lots of time so my husband drove towards where the conference would be held.  We found nothing except a little gas station. 

We decided it would work and we would get something later.  Dylan went on his own and came out with his offering of food.  He apologized and said "honey, this is all they had - it looked somewhat fresh."  This offering was the saddest looking sandwich and Rice Krispie Bar I had ever seen. 

We were starving so we quickly split the two to share them.  As I took a bite out of this not so glamorous looking sandwich with its limp lettuce and I won't describe what else, it was incredibly soggy.  My husband remarks that my half must have all the flavor and my response was that if soggy was flavor than yes I did.  We are choking down and laughing at the same time at the pitiful dinner.  I handed him the last few bites and said I was done - he looked at me and grabbed the last bit.  I opened the Rice Krispie Bar and remarked that there was NO way someone could mess this up.  I took one bit and handed it over to my husband.  He looked at me a little worried now and said "Is it bad too?"  The Rice Krispie Bar had been made with stale Rice Krispies and was not so good. 

I can honestly say that was the worst but best meal of my life!  It tasted terrible but the laughter and fun that we had, will always make it a precious memory.  I am very thankful for the times that I can laugh with husband and enjoy my son.  I miss Gracie very much this week (she is with Gramma) but I am enjoying some precious memories with two very important men. 

That's my Treasure Tuesday for today.  What do you treasure today?