Starting A Website, Part One

I have begun to receive many emails about starting a website.  Many what to know how to become a blogger and others just want to know how to start a website to promote their business.  I am not an expert but I will share a few tips that I have learned along the way.  I have been a blogger for 5 years now and not only own but am also the designer and administrator for Beautiful For Thee.

This will be a series as there is no way that I can cover everything in one post or one day.  I will walk you through where to begin, teach you how to use blogger (using screenshots), share with you how to become a review blogger, tips for deal bloggers, and point to many resources along the way.   As I said, I am not an expert but I know a lot of great bloggers who are currently covering the much deeper aspects of blogging so I will be sharing their websites and tips also.

My journey as a blogger did not begin to create a business.  I started with my own small personal blog where I updated family and friends about our own family.  As I learned how to blog and html code, I was approached about making a ladies' inspirational blog.  This blog is now 27 blogs all linked together creating one large online monthly newsletter.  As I created and worked on that blog, my skills began to be sharpened and I learned what to do and what not to do. 

At the end of February of 2009, I created Money Saving Tips for a Keeper at Home with the mindset of only helping those I knew find coupons and good deals in our local stores.  In just months, the website grew to be something I had never dreamed of.  Today, my website is Empowering Mommy and I can foresee great things for it.  It is now a work at home business that reaches far more people than I ever dreamed. 

I have had many bumps and bruises along the way from mistakes that I have made.  I plan to share those with you so you learn what not to do.  I have had so much help myself, I want to pass it on to you. 

Tomorrow, I will share with you - how to create your own online niche.