Deals Clarification

Have you noticed the amount of deal bloggers out there? I would say that there are hundreds if not thousands of us.  Every Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, you will see this group of bloggers updating their blogs.  They all reach different readers but their message is the same - go to this store, to get this deal!

Since our ads are so much the same, our deals look alike to the point that many of us look like we are copying one another.  Most bloggers know that it is against the rules and poor etiquette to copy someone else's work with out giving credit.  I try to give credit back to my sources as much as possible.

Today, it was brought to my attention that my Target deals look like another blogger's deals.  The person was doing it out of kindness but was worried that I might be copying.  When I reassured her that I was not, she said that I might want to change my format of doing the deals.  I will not be changing my format because I think it is the most readable and have been doing this for over a year but this person did have a good point

I have decided to point to this great blogger's blog every time I post my Target deals.  I also thought I would reach out to each and every one of my readers with this.  If you have thought that I was copying another's work, I apologize.  I strive for honesty and integrity on my site.  I would not expect to gain your trust if you thought I was plagiarizing someone else's work. 

Thank you to the kind reader who pointed this out and to all of you who understand and know my heart.



Jennifer T said...

i had noticed that many sites have very similar formats for the CVS and target listings. thanks for pointing out how you do yours.

Michael and Kristin said...

It is so hard to do matches without them looking just like someone else's matches.

So many different wonderful bloggers, such as YOU, do such a great job with these matches that I don't bother "recreating the wheel". Lori at Moms by Heart provides me with CVS and Walgreens deals, so I post a few and give her credit and send readers to her for the rest. I do the same with target deals when I post those with Marcy at Stretching a Buck. This keeps the stress away from me from having to totally redo the deals and worry that I'm "stealing them" or appearing to do that, plus I can still give my readers the benefit of telling them where deals are. That may be a bad idea but it's the easiest, least stressful way for me; I am not the most happy doing matches anyway. I find them incredibly time consuming and meticulous. I do them for local stores because nobody elsel does, and I haven't been in good enough health to do those lately so I feel bad about that. I'm doing those as we speak.

I was given some bad advice to just copy and paste another blogger's matches awhile back, just changing the format a little to make it look like my own from a blogger who's quite popular all of a sudden, and I couldn't imagine doing that. It bothers me when people become popular by stealing the work of bloggers who work so hard, and even if it meant I could be successful quickly I couldn't do it. That blogger made me lose a lot of respect for her that day, and I have since stopped visiting her blog. I really admire you for your work! I ramble...sorry, sweetie!