No Small Talk Six? No Bloghopping Saturday?

Sickness hit our last Saturday starting with my daughter having an ear infection.  By Tuesday, Gabriel and I had come down with it.  I fought it hard all week but today after being up with Gabriel for 3 hours last night, I just didn't have the energy to post anything.  I know that there are sick people and bloggers all over this week so as I am miserable, I am thinking of all of you out there also. 

We were scheduled to head out to my husband's family tomorrow afternoon due to his grandmother dying but we have delayed our trip until at least Tuesday so that Gabriel and I have the chance to get fully better.  I have not abandoned the blog just decided to take the day off.

Have a great Saturday! 


Aubrie Williams said...

I missed your posts... Hope you feel better soon.

Sarah said...

Hope you all are feeling better soon. Praying for you - Sarah