Organizing My Office

The last few days, I have not been posting as much because I am working on organizing my office space. Working at home has its great moments due to the smiles, hugs, and and love that is showered on top of me all day; however, it can also have some moments of disorganization or two year old coloring marks all over my day planner.

What was your phone number?  Oh, I don't know because my two year drew a flower on top of it.  That sounds so professional - don't you think?  Or how about - I can't call you back because my seven month old drowned my phone in his own slobber so my phone is a little soggy and doesn't work right now?  That is the life of the professional, blogging mommy and normally my office space is the comfy corner of our couch - only inhabited wht the kids are sleeping.

My husband and I decided that in order to reduce the chaos and control the coloring marks and slobber on my important office tools that I would get a desk and office space in my utility room.  So in between listening to the washing machine and the dishwasher, I am trying to practice network cable management and get all the right wires where they are suppose to be.  I am thankful that I am just dealing with cables rather than full fiber optic systems because my precocious two year old has been "helping mommy" create her office and anything fragile will have been broken by now. 

So as you read your deals and my other posts, pray for me as I continue to move my office.  I am hoping that it makes me more effective and more organized even though I think I just might miss some of those crayon marks. 

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