Small Talk Six - Online Friends vs Real Life Friends

I was thinking about friends just yesterday and feeling very lonely; so, it was ironic that MomDot's Small Talk Six is all about the 6 reasons why your online friends are better than your real life ones.  

I do have some great friends online - they are bloggers as well as friends.  I personally think they are great bloggers so when you have a chance, check out Abby, Kristin, and Shan's blogs.  If you visit them, let them know Rachael over at sent you.  :-) 

1.  Your online friends don't care if you are still in your pajamas and aren't dressed for the day.   I highly doubt that you would show up at a real life friend's house in your pajamas, without your teeth brushed, and your hair looking crazy.  If you do, you are braver than me!

2.  They don't care about what time of day you answer them back.  They understand that you might not be by your computer at that time and that if you can, you might answer them back at 3:00 in the morning and they'll get it the next day.

3.  They understand what Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and other social media are all about and don't think you are strange when you "tweet" that you had bad customer service at a particular store.  Tell that to your real life friends and they look at you like you lost your mind!

4.  Online, you are able to find at least one if not hundreds of people that relate to you or who are going through the same times of life as you.  None of my real life friends have two children as close together as I do nor is blogging their part time job.  I know lots of friends online though that understand me and can laugh with me at the crazy things that happen or feel sympathy for me because they are having the same issues at the same time.

5.  I can become friends with someone on the other side of the world and the time difference not affect our friendship.  I have a few friends that live in England, China, and other countries and I don't even remember that they live in another country.  Sometimes I haven't even known until later!  Try that in real life!

6.  If I need to spell a word right, need to know a date, or need a particular product idea - I can tweet it out and get at least one person to answer my question.  That can happen in seconds versus the minutes maybe hours it might take to get the answer from a real life friend. 

What makes your online friends better than your real life friends?  I'd love to hear them!  :-)


butterfly11780 said...

It's amazing how much info we can get from people we have never met in real life. There are days I haven't had time to shower and get dressed and of course they could care less.

MySentimentExactLee said...

I LOVE THIS POST!!! I love my online friends!

"Miss" Anita said...

There are too many things that make my online friends more special than real life ones.