Starting A Blog: Linky Etiquette

Do you participate in MeMes and link up at as many blogs as have Simply Linked or MrLinky widgets?  If you don't, you should - it does help drive traffic to your site.  It draws in new readers and some may even stay awhile to check out your blog. 

I offer two link ups a week - one on Wednesday for Wordless Wednesday and one on Saturday for Bloghopping Saturday.  I have quite a few people link up and I love visiting the blogs that link up.  I do not expect comments in return - I just do it because I love it. 

However, for those that use these link up times or others that are placed all over the blogosphere, did you know that there is proper etiquette for using these widgets?  Here it is:  Always comment on the post that you link up on. 


1.  In a small way, it thanks the blogger who has provided a way for you to get free traffic to your site.  That blogger has basically given you free advertising to your site when they really didn't have to do so. 

2.  The blogger who provided the widget for you is more than likely to visit the sites that commented on her site.  She might skip the links that didn't comment because she may feel it is a waste of her time as you didn't take the time to acknowledge her post.  Some link ups like giveaways and Bloghopping Saturday are harder to comment on and do not necessarily need a comment; however, Wordless Wednesdays and memes like that should be commented on.  These bloggers love the comments like you do. 

3.  Commenting on other blogs can build your Google Page Rank as well as cause others to visit your site.  Commenting is an important part of networking your blog so the more you comment the better off you are. 

What are your thoughts?  Are you more likely to visit a blogger who has visited you and commented on your site? 


~Shelley~ said...

Definitely! Any time that someone leaves me a comment, I always try to stop by their blog and show some comment love :)

And I always thank the blogger who hosts a 'linky'!!

Ticia said...

I usually will stop by a blog of someone who comments, and I'm more likely to comment on a blog that has and continues to comment on mine.
The other reason to comment on a linky post is they don't always realize you've posted. I host a Science linky, and if someone doesn't comment I might not find their post for a couple of weeks when I go back and look over my closed linkies, but if they comment, I find it faster.

caite said...

sure...what do you think I am doing here? lol

Seriously, I do try to visit and comment blog that visit and comment at mine..and sometimes they are so nice or interesting that I come back again and again.

"Mom" at Tiny Green Mom said...

Thanks for the super informative post!!

Becca said...

I try really hard to visit bloggers who visit me, but I sometimes slip up when I get busy. I also try to comment on blogs I subscribe to. It would be easier if there were more hours in a day lol

Frugal Science Gal said...

I love these posts about starting a blog!!

Rachael @ Empowering Mommy said...

Thanks ladies for the great replies - a lot of you had some information that I had not thought of. Thanks so much for sharing.

Becca, I completely understand! With my Wordless Wednesday, Bloghopping Saturday, and now my Starting a Blog posts - I have over 100 blogs that I have to visit every week and sometimes I really just don't make it to them all but I try.

Frugal Science Gal, I'm glad that you are enjoying them. I know you are just starting but I think you are doing a great job in just beginning!