Coupons 2/19/2009

Here are some great coupons for everybody. You'll find several for around the house, for yourself, or for that cute little baby in your family. Even if you don't have a baby in your family, some these products would make a great baby shower gift basket, add some washcloths, a hooded towel, and some rubber duckies and you have a great inexpensive, much needed shower gift.

*Just a note, just because I give the link for a coupon, does not mean I neccessarily buy that product or recommend it. Every household has different needs so I will just put up the coupons that are available.

Arm and Hammer
Aveeno $2.00 coupon - you will have to fill out a form but this should get you some coupons in your post office box
Johnson's Travel Coupon for Baby Lotion and Body Wash - $1.00
Johnson's Baby Oil
Johnson's Baby Shampoo
Desitin - $1.00
Johnson's Baby Moisture Care Body Wash or Lotion
Johnson’s Baby Body wash
Johnson's Baby Bedtime Wash (my personal favorite)
Chex Mix - $1.00 off and if you go to Target, you can print a $0.50 coupon, which would most likely give it to you for free. (hint: Watch for it to go on sale and then you will most likely get it for free or for just pennies.)
Loreal Paris - I believe you need to fill out a form for this $3.00 off 2
Johnson’s Melt Away Stress Adult Body Wash or Lotion