Walmart Monday

This week the deals in the Grand Forks area were not so great at least by what I had researched and seen. If you know of good deals in town, feel free to leave comments here to let everyone know.

On weeks like this, I like to rely on Walmart because Walmart is an "always low" store meaning that it's prices are generally lower than the rest. I used my coupons and spent $50.35 for the week, saving $25.10. I thought I did pretty well for a not so good bargain week everywhere else. I plan to visit Target later this week but ran out of time today.

If you are looking for good deals at Walmart, Deal Seeking Mom is the place to go. She has a great list of every deal and where to find the coupons you might need. I did find that the prices that were quoted where generally lower than what we get out here in Grand Forks. You'll pay a little bit and may not find everything she mentions. There were quite a few things that I struggled finding but I was in a hurry so it is easy to miss those things. I did get quite a few organic things off this list so that was really nice - to pay only pennies for organic is always good!

Enjoy your deals!