Musselman Applesauce Coupons

I was looking for applesauce coupons just now because I do need some this week. I try to buy the organic, no sugar added since I do not have the space to store my own. Here's the coupons I have for this week:

Musselman Apple Butter - $0.25 off one
Musselman's Apple sauce - $1.00 off any three 4 oz. 6 Packs

These aren't the greatest coupons but if Target has a coupon come out in the next few weeks you can always pair them with that and maybe a sale if that happens. Who knows?

A great hint to coupon hunting is just going straight to the manufacture's website. Not all of them have coupons or have them right at that time but quite a few do. For our area, the only store that I know of that does not accept online coupons is Kmart but supposedly that is changing on the 22nd of February. We'll see if that's the case. SuperOne's coupons have to be color, no black and white's accepted. Hugos and Target except black and white - just make sure your coupons are clear when you print them.