Hugos Specials

I don't have all of the Hugos specials this week but I did stop by to get the 3 bags of Classic Romaine Lettuce for the price of one bag. What an excellent deal on good lettuce! I think it would be $2.49 for all that lettuce!

While you are there, make sure you get the Frozen Coupon Book. It is right by the front entrance and has quite a few coupons in it. These are all manufacture coupons so you can use them anywhere! Who knows maybe we'll be able to match deals later on with these coupons? I will list these coupons tomorrow for everyone.

They also had Pillsbury Holiday Cookies for $0.79 with a peelie with a dollar off two. This makes two packages of sugar cookies $0.29. I'm refreezing these along with hiding my bags of Cheetos for our next teen activity. We do not normally eat these things but they are great for activities with our church teens.