Target and Walmart Deals

Rather than rehash all of the deals found online for Target and Walmart, I am going to point you to the places that have collected this information to share. I did make it to Walmart today and will visit Target tomorrow. I praise the Lord daily for having found a way to cut my grocery bill in half but still buy not only the good things in my family but also special things that before we really just could not before. I do not seek after every deal that I post - that would not save me money. Instead every week, I make my menu based on my family's needs and what is on sale and go from there. Sometimes I stock up on items that are so cheap that I know that my family will use but maybe not that week. Making lasagna on a certain week just because hamburger meat is on sale will not help me if I have to pay full price for everything else. I try to buy staple items when they are at "rock bottom" prices and when I have a coupon. I will be getting Kashi bars this week, not because I'm out of them, but because I may not see $.50 or cheaper on a book of Kashi bars anytime soon. My family uses these a lot while traveling because they are healthy and filling. We also try to keep fresh fruit stocked in our house along with fresh vegetables. It is nice when you can find those items on sale - for example, Target has grapes for $.99 and you can get fresh broccoli and cauliflower for $.50 a head if you buy it now with the $1.00 off coupon. Plan ahead and your family can eat healthy but inexpensively!

Target Deals - Stretching a Buck and Money Saving Mom
Find new Target coupons here and the old Target coupons that do not expire till March 14, 2009 here

Walmart Deals - Deal Seeking Mom

Have fun and enjoy the deals!