My Super Deals!

Here are the great deals that I got today. I stopped at CVS, Target, Walmart, Sam's Club, and Kmart. I do not normally go to so many different places but because of the extra cooking I am doing for the new baby freezer stash. My total came to $201.76 and I paid $57.34! I saved 72% on my bill and I am extremely happy with my purchases. My husband says that I stole from the store and that they are going to be hunting me to down for stealing :-) I did go a little over our $50 a week grocery spending but because of the extra cooking that I am doing, we decided that our budget could afford it. It has been almost 2 weeks since I went last time.

Would you like to know what is in the above pictures? You may notice some different items but there are somethings that I would not have gotten if they had not been free. I don't just buy them because they are free but my husband enjoys trying some of these things that we would not normally buy. So far we have not grown attached to anything that we have gotten for free.

Not included in the above picture is a container of All-Natural Breyers Ice Cream, Charcoal Burquettes (my husband was getting ready to grill :-)), and a pack of 12 hamburger buns (they just wouldn't fit on the table!

My favorite things of the day were the 6 GE Energy Saving Bulbs (I had these on raincheck for a $1.00 a piece along with a $1.00 coupon for each), 3 packs of diapers (Kmart doubling days - $5.99 each pack), Nature Source Window Cleaner (Kmart doubling days - $.79), Dove SkinVitalizer (CVS - $.50 each), and the Aveeno products (including baby sunblock) (CVS).

Did you get any great deals this week? Why not share them? Leave a comment with your great deals or leave your link to your blog post. It is always fun to see how others have saved.