Guardian Angel Bracelet ID Review and Giveaway

I don't know about you but when I think of one of my children disappearing and not being able to find them, my heart begins to race a little bit. Before I became a parent, I was a nanny for four years for four wonderful kids. When I started, the youngest hadn't even been born yet, so I had him all through his baby years. Since I worked long hours, sometimes whole days, I would often take them shoppin with me. I can still remember the day, I lost the youngest in JcPenneys. He had a fascination with wandering under the clothes and because he was small, he was easily lost. Not only did all of JcPenneys get closed down, but I was panicking, looking for the small child that had vanished! Twenty long minutes later, he was found wandering the store.

When I was sent a package of Guardian Angel Bracelets, I was thrilled to see that there is now help for those moments when you lose a child. I was impressed that there was a company dedicated to helping parents and caregivers not only with life saving product but with great tips to keep your children safe in public places.

Gracie has just entered the age when these bracelets are necessary. I was concerned that since she is still so little that her wrists might be too small for them but they were a perfect fit. They are very similar to a hospital bracelet but more colorful and attractive. Before I placed it on her wrist, I wrote our cell phone number. I love how with each package, they include a pen for writing on these bracelets and each bracelet says "If Lost Call!" and then a big slot for your cell phone number.

The other great thing about this bracelet is that it is not easily removed. Gracie tried repeatedly to take it off but she just couldn't do it. That was reassuring to me as a parent because then I knew that it would remain attached to her arm at all times. For $9.95, you can purchase a package of 10 of these bracelets. It also includes a waterproof marker. I can not put a price tag on the safety of my child so $9.95 did not seem unreasonable to me.

Along with the bracelets you purchase, Guardian Angel Bracelets will send a list of tips for keeping your children safe in public places. The best tip I found was to tell your child if he or she is lost find another mommy and ask them to call the number on the bracelet. This is a great tip as our children know who looks like a mommy and who does not.

To purchase your own set of Guardian Angel Bracelets, be sure to visit them here. Guardian Angel Bracelets is also offering my readers, a 20% discount on all purchases made before the 31st of July. Use the code "ICEFAIRY" when you checkout to receive your discount. The 7th person to purchase a set of Guardian Angel Bracelets, will receive 2 for the price of one!

Also Guardian Angel Bracelets will be drawing the name of one winner to receive their own pack of Guardian Angel Bracelets!

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This giveaway is different than what I normally do, so please read carefully the instructions. In order to enter this giveaway, you must register for Guardian Angel Bracelets newsletter here. All you have to do is enter your email address and I do believe you need to verify your email by checking your inbox after signing up. This giveaway will end July 31, 2009. You do not need to leave a comment here.

Thank you, Guardian Angel Bracelets, for allowing my family the opportunity to review this great product that offers peace of mind and comfort when traveling with our young children.