Wooden Toddler Toys Review

Wooden Toddler Toys

Just recently, I won a toy of my choice from Wooden Toddler Toys through a Twitter contest. We were very excited to have won because we love getting fun new toys for our daughter but are very picky in the toys that we like. We love toys that engage the mind and make your child think instead of thinking for your child. When we looked through the toys at Wooden Toddler Toys, all of their toys fit that mold so it was a very hard choice.
My husband and I finally settled on the Mini Rollercoaster by Anatex. This toy is a thinking toy which engages Gracie's mind and teaches her many concepts from cause and effect to dexterity and even color coordination. It is also a great toy to display anywhere in your home. For me as a parent, I hate the mess that toys make. Not only are they unattractive but they are everywhere! With the Mini Rollercoaster, I can put this in my living room and not feel like it is ugly or all over the place.

What does Gracie think of this new toy? Below you can watch a video of Gracie and her fascination with this toy.

As you can see, she loves it! We are very thankful that we can have such a mind provoking toy in our home. We also feel that it is well designed and will last a long time. It will not easily break and might even make it to our grandkids! It is very sturdy and well built. The only drawback to the toy is that it is the Mini so it is not as fun as a bigger one would be.

There are quite a few great toys on Wooden Toddler Toys, well worth checking out! One day, we would love to get Gracie this Animal Croquet Set by Anatex. It is very cute and since she loves to be outside, it would be perfect for teaching her hand eye coordination.

Another great toy is the Eco-Friendly Wooden Balance Bike. While I have never actually seen one in person, I have heard that these teach your children how to ride a bike without ever having to use training wheels because they learn to balance their bodies in order to ride!

Be sure to check out Wooden Toddler Toys yourself for the great learning tools that are actually toys! Also if you would like a chance to enter into one of their contests, join them on Twitter. They often have great contests going on for any of their followers to participate in! Maybe in the future, you'll see one of these great toys!


Best Toddler Toys said...

An excellent post indeed. In my opinion the best toddler toys out there are the wooden ones. Thanks for sharing this information with us.

Anonymous said...

hey,,these toys in you are realy unique..and dey are also made out of wood..realy smart..the mini rollercoaster is deffanitly one of the best toddler toys out there