Movie Tuesday - Pete's Dragon

Today's movies have completely changed but I love to watch the old classics and see the great changes. It is interesting how your view of a movie changes as you get older.

My family recently had the opportunity to review Pete's Dragon: High Flying Edition. I remember watching this movie as a child and loving it. This movie follows the struggles and trails of an orphan boy named Pete. Pete's imaginary dragon friend, Elliot, helps Pete escape from his abusive foster parents and to find his way to a much happier life.

This movie is a fun movie filled with adventure, great music, and a heartbreaking ending.

As an adult, my view of the movie has changed a little bit. I did find the abusive foster parents to be a little over the top and it concerned me a little how dark it was. I also found that there were a few slang words that I did not like being used in the movie. I know that children are natural born imitators so having my daughter repeat some of these words were not appealing.

Some may also feel that the animation of Elliot is not the greatest. I still find Elliot to be super cute and if you teach your children that Elliot is part of Pete's imagination - I think they will be better understand the scratchy animation. This movie is not the caliber of animation that we now have but this movie was also released in 1977 so it was average for its time.

I think this movie is a good family movie overall but would highly recommend that parents watch this movie with their children to help explain some of the dark parts of the movie.

This movie was re released today, August 18, 2009, and you can purchase at any local Target, Walmart or online at

Disclosure: This review is based on my own opinion of the movie. I was sent a copy of the movie to keep from Click Communications. Click Communications was not involved in anyway in the writing of my review.