Treasure Tuesday - Crayon Messes

The messes in my house seems to accumulate quickly. My 20 month old daughter quickly destroys anything I have accomplished during the day so it is my constant task to wipe up spills, teach her to clean up toys, and watch where those crayons have disappeared to. While I could grow weary of this task (and sometimes I do) I have found that I can also treasure this time. One day, there will be no spills, no toys, and no crayons but neither will there be that childlike laughter that fills my house - those giggles of pleasure and simplicity of hugs around the knees with "luv u, momma". So today, I treasure those crayon messes even if there is a little extra work involved.

What do you treasure this week? Feel free to share, I would love to hear about them. We can never take our treasures too lightly. To learn more about these Treasure Tuesday posts, feel free to read about them here.


Lynette said...

Today like you, I treasure time spent with my kids. My oldest goes to Kindergarten orientation tomorrow morning and this starts the endless "school days" at my house. Although I am looking forward to all he will learn in school, I am also sad to see him grow up so fast. I treasure my time with goes by so fast.

Vanessa said...

I treasure the times I've been able to go out with my mom shopping. Not all the time I'm up to it, and quite often our trip is cut short, but just being with my mom and hanging out with her lifts my spirits. I love her soo much!

Kelly Williams said...

I treasure each phase of development with my daughter Sarah.She is about to turn thirteen and stands almost as tall as me. I am constantly reminded that she is not a little kid anymore. What I cherish the most are the teachable moments and her willingness to be taught. We are very close and I thank God everyday for my "Little Hunnybunny."