Ogo Sport Review

My husband and I love outdoor games and since we work with young people in our church, we try to stay up to date on some of the most fun and coolest new games out there for young and old people alike.

We were recently given the opportunity to review Ogo Sport's Super Sport Disks. We found
these disks to be incredibly fun and versatile. I was 9 months pregnant at the time we received our OgoSport Super Sports Disks and needless to say moving was not my strong point but I was still willing to give these disks a try. I could not believe how easy this sport was to play. Not only could I play it pregnant but there are so many ways you could play!

We were given the large Super Sports Disks to review along with several OgoSoft balls and some Mini Copterballs. The OgoSoft balls are extremely light but fly incredibly well through the air. My 19 month old daughter also loves to play with these and they are the perfect size for her to toss back and forth with mommy and daddy. The Copterballs remind me a little of Badmittion Birdies. They are super light and really can fly! My only concern with the CopterBalls was their durability. We did not have any problems with them but I would still use caution when using the CopterBalls.

The disk has a foam outside ring and the middle is made out of stretchy mesh material. These disks are great because you can use it with the OgoSoft balls and Copterballs or you can make it into a frisbee. You can play OgoSoft Volleyball with it - just use a net and the OgoSoft balls and have at it! The site claims that you can use any type of ball to play - we didn't try that but it seems sturdy and well built enough to stand up to that.

I loved how that although I have problems with my elbows playing other sports like tennis, the OgoSport Disks did not have that harsh impact on my arms that other sports do have. This is a great game and great for your kids. Rather than spending the last of these summer days inside watching TV and playing video games - buy them the OgoSport set and send them outside to play.

The large OgoSport Disks cost $44. At first this might sound expensive but if you purchase video games for your kids, you realize that one video game normally costs that! I would rather purchase something that will cause them to be active than inactive.

To find out more about OgoSport and to purchase your own set, head to their site. They have some great videos showing how you can play the sport and they also have some other great outdoor products. This would be well worth your time looking into.

*Disclosure: I did not receive any money to post this review. I did receive the above items to review and to keep for my family. The above review is based on how my family liked the product. You may or may not agree with my review. I can only tell you how my family enjoyed this product. Thank you Ogo Sport for giving my family the opportunity to play with these great disks. We love them!