Daddy's Design - Snoogie Seat Coupon Code

Daddy's Design is offering my readers a special discount code on Snoogie Seat ordered online. The discount code "CLSNOOGIE" will allow you to take 20% off your purchase! To read more about the Snoogie Seat, take a look at my review.

We love our Snoogie Seat more today than we did when we wrote the review. Our little man spends quite a lot of time there and seems to think he is in the womb in his Snoogie Seat. He curls himself up like he would have in the womb and is just content to sleep or lay there awake in his soft, comfy seat in the house. Also my daughter has discovered that this is a comfy seat and will crawl in when her brother is no longer in it. I would love to see the Snoogie Seat made a little bigger for toddlers, I know we would be getting one for my daughter because she loves her brother's so much!

I think this seat is the most versatile, profitable seats to invest in for your little one's early days. You'll get more use out of it then you will all the other products you might buy for your little one to sit in!