Super Savings Thursday!

I'm back to couponing! I had taken a short break off because I just did not have the energy with the new baby. It has been an entire month since I went grocery shopping to we needed EVERYTHING! We have had someone picking up diapers for us and I did a short run for them last week but that was it.

I'm sorry that this is a pictureless post but after our shopping trip, everyone exhausted including mommy. It was the most I could do to get dinner on the table and the groceries put away. I will tell you my totals though.

My Target trip came to $84.35 and I paid $24.16. I saved 72% at Target! At Target, I picked up Bic Mechanical Pencils ($.24), Bic Pens (free), Pampers Diapers ($5.99), Pampers Wipes (free), Poptarts ($.22), Glade Candle (free), Bananas ($.08 a pound) and several other things.

At Walmart, my total came $162 and I paid $112, which is 30% saved. That is not nearly as good but I desperately needed things that would make full meals and lunches. Unfortunately I have missed some stocking up times by not clipping coupons and buying when things were on sale but I still did well.

My total today came to $246.35 and I paid $134.16. I saved 46% on all of my groceries! My goal is normally to spend $40 a week on groceries and I bought enough today to last me 3 weeks because it is harder to shop with little people especially newborns so I just went a little over my normal budget.

How did you do this week? Did you get some great deals and save some money? Leave a comment either linking to your blog post about this or just tell me how you did. I love to hear it and it encourages others that EVERYONE can do this.


Kristin said...

hi! I hope you are doing well. I haven't heard from you in awhile. I know you're exhausted and busy with the new baby :) Have a great weekend!