MotherLove Review - The Solution for Breastfeeding Issues

As a first time mom, I remember the first few days of breastfeeding when my daughter was in the hospital under the lights for her jaundice. (above picture) As soon as we were admitted, I sent my husband back home to the get the pump that we had invested so much money in. I got the pump thinking - "now I'm going to produce that milk and make those bottles and we'll know she's eating!" That first pumping, I got 2 ounces! I was terrified - I was sure that wasn't enough.

So I began pumping like a crazy woman and I mean crazy! When we got home with my daughter, I would feed her then pump. At night, like a good first time mom, I would set the alarm to get up with my new little one every two hours to feed her and then every three hours, I would pump. For two solid weeks, I did this! I poured over the books - how much milk are you suppose to produce? "Surely, I'm broken, I'm not making enough. My poor baby is going to starve" - those thoughts are raced through my mind

As some of your veteran moms may already realize, I overdid it. Pushed myself into making so much milk that my daughter could eat on one side and I had to pump on the other side. She had more than enough milk and I was overflowing! There was so much I didn't know.

I just recently came across a company called MotherLove. I wish I had known about them before my daughter was born. Motherlove is a company devoted to helping mothers and babies breastfeed successfully. They formulated the right herbs to help in the production of milk so you don't have to pump and breastfeed every hour to get your milk to come in if you are struggling with milk supply.

I love this company because they are devoted to helping throughout your entire journey when having a baby. They have information about infertility, morning sickness, herbs to avoid and herbs to use while pregnant, breast engorgment and mastitis, sore nipples, thrush, bodycare products to avoid while pregnant, and so much more!

I was super impressed with the products that Motherlove has to offer and was sent their Nipple Cream to review. Motherlove's nipple cream is the only nipple cream that is USDA Organic Certified. When I received the bottle I expected to read lanolin and many of the same ingredients that other nipple cream's have. That wasn't the case. This nipple cream is made with many different herbs and olive oil! This made me feel good about what I was using because not only does my baby consume it when he breast feeds but it has ingredients that are perfectly safe for him!

Because it had olive oil in, I decided to do an experiment. I personally used it and loved and noticed how well it moisturized. For my experiment, I chose to test this on my son's very sensitive skin. It was very dry and flaky so I rubbed it on his face to see what would happen. It was fantastic! Helped to soothe his skin and provide some of the moisture his delicate skin so desperately needed.

Motherlove has so many great products that you really need to check out! My family is thrilled with Motherlove and we will continue to order our mommy and baby breastfeeding products from Motherlove because of their organic properties and their great support of moms like me!

Disclosure: This review is based on my own opinion of Motherlove and Motherlove Nipple Cream. You may or may not agree with my opinion. I was sent a jar of Nipple Cream to review and keep. No one from Motherlove was involved in the writing of this post.


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