A Day At My House

So I am fully in the midst of moving and I thought as we moved, I would take you along my journey.  Sometimes mommy bloggers can look like wonder women when we really aren't.  We are just like the rest of you struggling to get everything done in a day.  There are things we miss along the way and sometimes that we just don't do.

As a Keeper at Home, my goal is to make everything from scratch, to save my family tons of money, to keep our house in ship shape order, and also add a little income to the family budget through my business.  I always take on more than I should and then catch myself feeling guilty for not getting everything done.  I'm sure none of you feel the same!

My goals today were to pack four boxes, make 10 pounds of apples into applesauce, write 4 blog posts (some for the future and some for today), fold and put away 5 loads of laundry, answer emails, and leave my house by 4 in order to get to Target to pick up a few things, and meet my husband my 5:30. 

So far, the applesauce is made - pictured above.  Not all of it is in containers yet because I didn't plan ahead and need some more.  I did some in individual containers so that I can just pull them out and add to my daughter's lunch anytime I need to. 

I have stacks sitting on my bed waiting for me to finish so that they can all go into boxes.  No blog posts have been written, no laundry has been folded, and I think I have answered 3 emails.  

So I'm not wonder woman.  Gracie played by herself most of this morning and Gabriel has eaten and gone back to sleep all day today. 

Back to work, I go but I'll keep you posted on how everything turns out today! 


john paul paquibot said...

my mom always do the same things as you do. i think mom is always the keeper and father is the provider.

i hope to see your house then, exterior or interior photos is okay

katy said...

Wow, I'm worn out just from reading the list.