Did I Get My Cape Back?

I wrote earlier today about how I am not SuperMom.  I tried so hard to get everything done.  I did get my four boxes packed, all the applesauce put away, made a 24 minute shopping trip to Target, and was able to meet my husband in time for something else that we needed to do. 

Emails still aren't written and blogging isn't done.  I won't be taking back my cape but I really don't want it.  I snuggled with my baby tonight and realized how much I love that cuddle time.  I could blog or cuddle with him so I cuddled. 

As moms, trying to be SuperMom can cause us to miss out on the joys of our babies.  One day, they won't be there anymore and we will wish we had ditched our capes and cuddled a little longer.


john paul paquibot said...

i remember a song that says,

i swear i love my husband and i love my kids. you know i wanted to be like my mother as i soon as i get over time for myself.

its a barry manilow song

katy said...

We all need cuddles.