GX Racers: A Boy's Dream Come True

Do boys ever grow up?  I sure do not think so!  At least, my husband, my father, and my brother haven't.  They still love toys just as much as some little boys I know.  The only thing with big boy toys is that they are more expensive!

Just recently, Jakks Pacific sent us a package in the mail to review a few toys for the holiday season.  When the box arrived my husband was on the phone with his mom.  He say the box and pretty much ignored it when he saw a few of the things come out.  I said, "Oh, this looks cool, I'm sure some little boys will love this."  He immediately whipped around to see what I was holding in my hand.  Needless to say, a few minutes after seeing GX Racers: 360 Spinway playset, he was excited to try this toy out.

The toy is for ages 5 and up so it was a little too old for Gracie but not to old for my husband who showed her how to play it.  He absolutely loves the stunts that the GX Racers can do and is looking forward to showing my son how to play this someday.

The GX Racers 360 Spinway is two sided so that you can do different things with the cars.  It really is a fun toy for boys.  I think I know some girls that would love this too!   The toy is made of plastic so you will want to help your child sent it up to ensure that they do not break it.  It is pretty durable but it most likely will not withstand a smaller child and their "rough love".

We were also sent some individual GX Racers to review and these were equally as cool.  I am amazed at what these cars can do and how fast they really are.  The GX Racer Speed cars can get up to 600 MPH!  These cars shot across our kitchen floor faster than anything I had seen before.  Unfortunately our kitchen isn't big so they promptly ran into the wall but they were incredibly fast and the bump into the wall didn't hurt them at all! 

I was very impressed with GX Racers and think these would make an excellent gift for any young boy.  The price really isn't that bad for a toy like this either.   The GX Racer 360 Spinway is $19.99 and the individual Stunt and Speed Cars are $5.99 and $9.99.

You can purchase these cars online at Amazon.com.  These will also qualify for the free Super Saver Shipping.

Disclosure: This review is based on my own opinion of GX Racers. You may or may not agree with my opinion. I was sent product free of charge to review. No one from Jakks Pacific was involved in the writing of this post.