My Moment of Brilliance or Lack Thereof!

I love when I have a moment of brilliance!  A real "Ha Ha!" moment!  I found the solution to the world's problems and all of mine at the same time. 

I truly thought I was having one of those moments yesterday when I packed ALL of my dishes except 2 coffee mugs, 2 glasses, and the necessary pots/pans necessary to cook with.  I had decided to pitch my frugal mindset out the window and we were going to use only paper plates!  Hey, I'm moving, I felt I was entitled.  (Besides, I did win 10 coupons for free Chinet paper products so I wasn't actually spending money on them - I was just littering the planet with lots and lots of paper plates!)

It sounds brilliant, right?  No more cleaning or washing dishes and some great looking CLEAN kitchen cabinets?

Well my "Ha ha!" moment turned into a "Ho Hum" moment when I realized that I had just made soup for the sick people in my house and there were no bowls to put it in!  I facebooked my moment of brilliance with my facebook friends and my mom came back with - grab the pot and the spoons and you all can share. That would have been fine if it was just my husband and I but sharing with my 22 month old daughter - Eww!!  You haven't seen the way she eats! 

So my next moment of brilliance - my coffee mugs!  They would make great soup bowls! 

So this is how we ate last night - out of a brilliant Grumpy coffee mug and a nice UND black coffee mug. 

Anyone want to come over to my house for dinner tonight?  Who knows we might just eat off the floor?


stephanie said...

That's great =) I did that alot when I was packing to move. I want to know who used the Grumpy mug =)

Janis said...

LOL. I agree Ewwwww on sharing with a 2yo. Coffee mugs are so versatile.

H.E.Eigler said...

coffee mugs are perfectly suitable vessels for soup in my opinion. Too Funny! I can so see myself doing that!!

Alli said...

We ate soup out of special coffee mugs when I was growing up. Sure, we had bowls, but my mom trusted us with the mugs because of the handles.

But, I have had moments like that, thinking I was making my life easier and then suddenly realizing there was one small issue keeping me from doing it.

katy said...

I love the mug! He looks how I feel most mornings.