Healthy Meals For Less By Jonni McCoy

I am a cookbook connoisseur.  I have more cookbooks than I could ever make food out of but I just love cooking.  When I heard about Healthy Meals for Less by Jonni McCoy, I was intrigued. 
Most cookbooks are great but not only are they costly to purchase but the food is expensive to make and is not healthy in anyway.  I think we have this misconception that healthy food is expensive and therefore we avoid it because processed foods are quicker, easier, and less expensive.

In fact, none of those things are factual and Healthy Meals for Less sheds light on that fallacy.  I had a lot of fun fixing some of these recipes.  Some I had never thought of and some I had fixed before but not quite the same.

One of my favorite recipes is Jonni McCoy's Lemon Chicken.  I tried this yummy recipe with a whole chicken (I got this for $.50) instead chicken breasts and added some potatoes (given to me) and carrots (also given to me) and created a YUMMY dinner for a family of 6 - 8 people!  This entire meal cost me $.50 total and pretty much everyone loved it.  I felt good about the healthy meal that I had created in just a matter of 10 minutes for my family.

Jonni McCoy's Lemon Chicken recipe is found the in the Slow Cooking section of her book.  Since Thanksgiving is coming up, I am excited to try many of the recipes from her "The Twelve Days of Turkey" section.  I am sure that not only can I find turkey for good deals but we also have tons of leftover turkey which I can definitely put to good use.

If you are interested in purchasing Jonni McCoy's book for yourself, you can purchase it at Miserly Moms for just $10.99!  While you are there, be sure to check out Miserly Moms website.  There are tons of great recipes and tips for being a frugal Keeper at Home.  Miserly Moms is definitely a site after my own heart!

Disclosure: This review is based on my own opinion of Healthy Meals For Less. You may or may not agree with my opinion. I was sent an item to review. No one from Miserly Moms or BethanyHouse Publishing was involved in the writing of this post.