National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

While we should constantly be raising awareness of Breast Cancer, October is the month that we dedicate to working harder for this cause.  Until just recently, I saw this cause as important but not nearly as important as I see it today.  Things do not affect us strongly until we see friends and family go through something.

Early in the beginning of this year, a dear friend was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and her battle began.  It has not been an easy plan as she underwent surgery and chemo.  Her attitude has been a shining light to so many though.  She doesn't complain that she now wears a wig.  She doesn't complain when the chemo makes her very ill.  She doesn't complain that this dreadful disease has hit her.  Instead, she rejoices that she has life and her husband and two children by her side.  She rejoices that the Lord has given her the strength to get through each hard time.  She has a peace that most people could never comprehend.  She is definitely a shining example.

It has not been easy watching her suffer through the cancer.  While I can not help prevent Breast Cancer, anything I can do to help raise awareness to do your monthly checks is important too.  This month when you are purchasing groceries or other items, take a look around to see if any of the companies are donating to Breast Cancer when you make a purchase.  If already have to make a purchase of that item, I encourage you to pick the one that will support the research for cures for Breast Cancer. 

Have you been touched by Breast Cancer or any cancer for that matter?  I think we all know someone who has been affected.  Let's band together and pray for them this week that they will have the strength to get through their chemo treatments.  If they are in remission, that they will stay there.  If their battle is just beginning, that they will get through.