Red Brick Sewing - Unique High Quality Handmade Items

I love handmade items because they often have more love and attention put into them.  I especially love supporting Mom Entrepreneurs who are trying to bring a little bit of income into their home to help pay the bills and so that they can continue to stay home.  I have this desire and am able to help my family and when I can I try to support others who are doing the same I do.  

When I was contacted by Brooke from Red Brick Sewing, I was stunned to see some of her beautiful work.  Just from the pictures, you can see that she puts a lot of time and effort into her pieces. 

I love her cowboy quilt with all of the colors and the quaint look.  This would be absolutely stunning in a little boy's room!  One thing that Brooke is striving to do is create items that embrace boyhood.  Finding items for boys is hard.  Girls are easy - girly things are everywhere but finding boy items is somewhat difficult.  Brooke's goal is to bring boy items to the market so that boys can still be boys while helping in the kitchen, playing in their nurseries, and even in what their diapers are held in! 

Two of my favorite items are Red Brick Sewing's Diaper Keepers and Sling Bags.  You all know from past posts about how I love to be organized so when I discovered Diaper Keepers, it was love at first sight!  Diaper Keepers allow you to put several diapers along with a few wipes in a case inside your diaper bag.  Not only does this keep them contained and organized but now you can reach in and just grab your diapers quickly.  If you wanted you could slip this into your purse when you didn't really need a diaper bag, just a few diapers and you would be set!  A Diaper Keeper from Red Brick Sewing is only $6.00 making it super affordable! 

The Sling Bags that Red Brick Sewing sells are adorable!  I love the coloring and the look of the bags.  Each sling bag has it's own unique look and it big enough to be a purse and diaper bag if you so choose. 

You can take a look at all of Red Brick Sewing's items on her blog and her Etsy store!  You can even custom order what you would like so next time you are looking for the perfect bag, quilt, or boy item, you might want to check out Red Brick SewingIf you order during the month of October, you can get free shipping on any order $25 and more.  You will also be entered to win a Free Diaper Keeper and Burp Cloth!  The winner will be chosen November 1st. 

Disclosure: This feature is based on my own opinion of Red Brick Sewing. You may or may not agree with my opinion. I was not compensated in anyway for this review. No one from Red Brick Sewing was involved in the writing of this post.