Treasure Tuesday - My Father

I know that my Treasure Tuesday is late this week but even though it was late, I couldn't resist still putting it up.  One of my favorite posts every week is this post because it really helps me reflect on those special treasures I have in my life.

This week, as I packed, it struck me how much I treasure my relationship with my dad.  My dad owns my apartment so I get to see him quite a lot as he drops by to work on other people's apartments.  Since my dad retired from 26 years in the Air Force, my relationship with him as grown.  In the military, he was gone alot while I was growing up and now that he is retired, he is around so much more.  I LOVE it!

My dad has a special place in my heart.  As a daddy's girl, I value heart to heart talks with my dad.  I may be grown up now with two kids of my own but I still need my daddy.  My dad have talked about everything under the sun and really value his advice and opinion.

My dad taught me everything I need to know about home improvement.  My dad taught me how to sheet rock, varnish furniture, find flat and Phillips screwdrivers!  He taught the rest of my sisters how to roof, lay carpet, and just about anything you can think of.

He was in the passenger's side when I learned how to drive.  That was an adventure and a trial for both of us.  I can still remember the many times, I heard "Go easy on my are going to break it!"  "SLOW DOWN!!"  "I am going to die!"

My husband (before we were married) will never forget the time that my dad meant him the Desert on his way to Iraq and my dad told him "If you mess with my daughter, I will shoot you."  My husband laughed and my dad said I am serious.  Scared my husband to death but showed him how much my dad loved me.

I treasure the day my dad walked me down the aisle to marry my husband.  I treasure the day that my dad held my daughter and son for the first time.  And I treasure every talk and fun times we have had together.

Do you have a special treasure to share?  Leave a comment letting me know.  I LOVE to hear them!  Also if you blogged about it, feel free to leave the link!