Sassy Toys: A Great, Frugal Baby Shower Gift

Baby Showers! I actually love them - they are so much for fun for the new mom and they really do help in preparing for the things that a new baby needs.  If you are not careful, baby gifts for showers can get to be expensive and can really tax your family's budget.

What I like to do, is use my coupons to purchase much need baby toiletries along with diapers and put them in a basket.  This does not really cost me much since I used coupons on everything and buy it ahead of time to get the best deal.  Once the practical stuff is in there, I love to throw in the fun stuff.  Since I spend little or next to nothing on the big part of the basket, I love to have fun picking out a few toys that can help entertain baby and help in her developmental growth. 

One of my favorite brands for new babies is Sassy.  My daughter has a lot of Sassy toys and we loved them for their inexpensive prices but good sturdy toys.  We also loved how Sassy has taken the time to research the best elements needed in infant toys to help their brain development.

From the time a baby is born, a baby's brain creates synapses that allow the baby to learn what is necessary for life.  Their language synapse is created as well as so many other important synapses.  This starts at the time of conception and continues until the age of 7 but the most are created from birth to three.

What a child is given to play is so important because play is where baby learns much of what he or she will have for life.  Sassy knows this and has really put that knowledge into their toys.  They recently released some brand new toys that Gabriel and I had the privilege of reviewing. 

The first toys that we tried were the Go Go Bugs.  These cute bugs (pictured above) dangle from your child's car seat.  These "inspire vision" their bright colors along with the contrast of black and white.  Each Go Go bug has a different sound if your baby bats at them or they move on the car seat.  Gabriel loves looking at these bright bugs and I love the sounds that they make.  They are not obnoxious in any way and really keep Gabriel content as he rides in the car.

The next one, we reviewed was the Ring Rattle.  I love this rattle for it's black and white colors and the ease at which Gabriel can grasp this.  He is still working on holding things so this is easy for him to hold on to.  As he starts to teeth things, this will also be especially nice on his gums.  He loves for me to move the rattle so that he can track it with his eyes.  All these activities really help develop his brain function.

The Grasp & Glow is an unique rattler in that it has a light up ball that shines light on the opposite ball which has a rotating disk with a bug on one side and a mirror on the other.  I think this toy is really neat - I have never seen anything like it and Gabriel is really fascinated with the light.  This is another favorite of ours!  We were sent one with a blue ball but you can purchase it in pink also.

I love teethers but I think I have found my favorite by far - it is the Vibrating Textures by Sassy.  This one actually vibrates when your infant bites down on it.  Gabriel started smiling when this happened.  I do have to hold these toys for him right now but he sure is enjoying the bright colors and textures.

The last toy we reviewed was the Spin and Shine Rattle.  All of these were sent for Gabriel but Gracie promptly stole this one and has claimed it for her own.  She loves to watch the little disk inside the rattle spin.  It has a mirror, a bulls-eye and a black and white ladybug.  She also helps to keep Gabriel entertained by shaking it for him to see.

I love the new Sassy toys because of their bright colors and price.  Not a one of these toys are above $9.99 and most are in the $3.99 range.  What a perfect addition to a baby shower basket!

Also none of these toys have paint on them so you will not have to worry about chipping or that they will fade with time.

You can purchase these new toys from, Walmart or Target.

Disclosure: This review is based on my own honest unbiased opinion of Sassy Toys. You may or may not agree with my opinion. I was sent product free of charge to review. No one from Sassy was involved in the writing of this post.