CouponMap: A New Way To Save Money!

Just yesterday, I was introduced to CouponMap.  I am very excited about it because I believe that it can really help me save money when I go into town to go shopping.  CouponMap is unique in that it allows a viewer to type in their location to find coupons in their local area.  I had trouble with the zip code so I typed in my city and state instead.  I uncovered a lot of printable restaurant coupons that I could use if we were going to eat at any of those places.

My favorite thing about CouponMap is that it tells you where the cheapest place to purchase gas is!  I don't know about you but driving around looking for the cheapest gas station doesn't save me gas - it just uses it up and is a waste of time.  I found that there was a gas station with gas that was $.10 cheaper than the other prices by searching through CouponMap.

I highly recommend that you check out CouponMap for the next time you make a trip or even just shopping in your local area.  You may find some hidden deals that you didn't know about.

Disclosure: This is my honest unbaised opinion of the CouponMap. You may or may not agree with my opinion. This post was NOT sponsored in anyway by CouponMap.