Great Deal on Corningware! Today Only!

I absolutely love Corningware and desperately need enough dishes to have at least 12 people over at one time so when I saw this deal today, I was excited!  Right now,
Amazon is having a great deal on Corningware .  You can get a whole set for $17.99!  If you order two sets or a few other things, you can get FREE SHIPPING on top of that!  Talk about a great deal! 

Hint, hint:  Honey (DH), if you are reading my blog (which I know you are), this is what your wife wants for Christmas.  Picture on the right.  :-)  You can only get it today! 


A Keeper At Home said...

Rach, this is your DH. Thank you for posting your Christmas list for the entire blogosphere to see!! I was only going to get you new socks but I might have to breakdown and buy you one of the cups you wanted instead. I know...why don't you just review a set and then I'll say I bought it for you!!?? Man I'm good!