Holiday Recipe #2 - Sweet Chili Recipe

Are you super busy right now? I know I am! I have been relying on my crockpot and quick meals as we move and prepare for my mother-in-law to come on Monday.  With moving and the holidays things are hectic so when this recipe came in from Annie at Mama Dweeb - it was fun and easy to try!  Mama Dweeb is all about "living life one silly memory at a time."  I love her honest view on life.  So next time, you would like a different fun look on life, head over to Mama Dweeb and check out her blog! It really is a great blog.

1 cup Ketchup
1/3 c. Brown Sugar
2 TBS vinegar
1 TBS liquid smoke
dash of salt and pepper
1 lb hamburger
1 package cooked and diced bacon
1 onion chopped
1 large can VanDeKamps pork and beans
1 15 oz can Kidney Beans
1 15 oz can Butter Beans

Brown the hamburger meat with the onion in a skillet.

Pour the undrained pork and beans into a large pot. Mix with all remaining ingredients
(drain the kidney and butter beans)
Add browned and drained meat & onions. Let simmer for 1 hr or put in a slow cooker for
3-4 hrs on low.