Holiday Gift Guide #2: Cuisinart CleanWater Filtration System

We just recently moved to a town where drinking the water is a struggle.  The water has to be filtered many times before you dare put it in your body.  In fact, if the water isn't filtered it has been known to kill brand new washing machines in just a little over a year.  Brand new toilets are quickly ruined and showerheads are destroyed.  If the water does that to those things, I am sure you can imagine what it does to the body of someone drinking it.

We have one filter in our house but it still didn't make the water drinkable or just very good so we weren't sure what we were going to do.  We could purchase water on a daily basis along with the cost associated with that.  We could purchase a faucet filtration system but we had found that the water still didn't taste all that great.  We weren't really sure what option to take so when we found out about the Cuisinart CleanWater Filtration System, we were excited to review it. 

The first thing I noticed about the CleanWater Filtration system was the sleek design.  It really is such a pretty machine.  It isn't very tall so it sits perfectly on our kitchen counter next to the sink.

It has two tubs for the water - the top where you pour in the unfiltered, tap water and the second tub is where the filtered water flows through.  The filter on this machine is huge and is the white thing that sits in between the two tubs.

Set up for the Cuisinart filtration system was a little time consuming.  It took about 45 minutes from start to finish to have the whole thing up and running the way it should be.  It wasn't a complicated setup and it didn't require that you be by it for 45 minutes, there was just a lot of waiting.  This is not the type of filter that you pull out of the box and immediately start using.  The setup time is a little longer but it is very much work it!

After reading and properly setting up the filtration system, I was curious about all the great features of this machine.  It holds two gallons of water and has two spigots.  One spigot is for the cold and room temperature water and the second spigot is for the hot temperature water.  The filtration system also has an energy saver mode so that you can have cold and room temperature water but the not hot if you don't need it.

The cold water is definitely cold and is as cold as if you were to pull it from the refrigerator.  I love this because now water doesn't take up precious space in my refrigerator and I have the option to have it whenever I want.  We generally use the room temperature water which is just the perfect temperature for our bodies to quickly adjust.

I am very picky about my hot water so I was very excited to test this part of the CleanWater System.  The water was the perfect temperature to make a quick cup of hot chocolate, apple cider, or even herbal tea.  It doesn't make great black tea because it doesn't get to boiling point but that is fine, I didn't expect it to.  The hot water spigot also has a special button making it hard for little ones to get the hot water out, thus eliminating the chance that they could burn themselves.

The number 1 thing about the whole system is that the water tastes better!  We use the filtration system for everything!  We use it for the water for Dylan's coffee.  I use it for the water for my tea and Gracie uses it for the water in her juice.  Dylan and I both noticed a huge difference in the flavor our coffee and tea and I noticed the difference in the flavor of Gracie's juice.  I will never go back to using tap water for these items again!

We also noticed that we drink more water because it is in our face all day long.  We placed the Cuisinart CleanWater Filtration System in an open place so we have to walk by it all the time so that we would be more ready to drink water and it has worked.  My daughter especially loves to hit the button to get her water out.

The countertop water filtration system runs about $150 but is definitely worth the price.  We no longer purchase water bottles and waste money there.  The replacement filters are only $19.99 and last for 3 months.  Other filters cost more and you replace them more.

You can purchase the Cuisinart CleanWater 2-Gallon Countertop Water-Filtration System from  To learn more about this great system, visit Cuisinart's homepage.  Also be sure to watch this great video below about what kids say about water and the CleanWater system.  It is super cute!