Holiday Gift Guide #3: Golden Moon Tea

My morning beverage of choice is a cup of tea with a little sugar and whole milk.  My mom was born and raised in the United Kingdom and she passed on the love of tea to me.  I love visiting my family in England because we drink tons of lots of good tea as we visit.

When I was asked to review Golden Moon Tea, I was excited and picked a few that I knew that I would have to see if they tasted as good if not better than the good quality brands that my dad brings back every time he comes back from a trip to England.  Tea is special in my family and while I enjoy many I am very picky about what they taste like.

I have not received my tea yet but I wanted to have an idea of the teas that I am looking forward to testing and that you will see here on my site.  Golden Moon Tea also makes fantastic gift baskets that would be perfect Christmas gifts for the tea lover in your family.

I will be trying the Sugar Caramel Oolong Tea, the English Breakfast Tea, the Kashmire Chai Tea, the Irish Breakfast Tea as well as a few others.  These all look yummy but the part I am looking forward to the most is the quality and taste and if it compares to the teas that I especially love!

Check back soon for my review!