What I Splurge On

The two people I splurge on are my children.  I'm not talking toys or clothes but rather their health.  While I look for coupons and good deals for them, I have learned how important it is that I buy all natural and organic items for their health.

Gracie has beautiful skin but I would hate to put harsh chemicals on her skin.  Just recently, I really learned all that was in soaps, shampoos, and body care items for children.  There are some really nasty items in skincare products and so I look for products that are organic and all natural.

Gabriel was born with eczema and quickly developed cradle cap.  We have done everything in our power to restore his perfect baby skin but quickly found that there were few products out there that were actually good for him.

Going organic, all natural, and green in our products hasn't been easy.  We have slowly been making our way towards it.  I still use paper towels occasionally and there have been a few not good for you snacks along the way but we are striving for a better way of life.  It is a little more expensive but we found that it is so worth it!  I save money as much as I can.  I look for every coupon and coupon code there is and use it before buying anything but I strive to buy the best for my family.

This week I will be focusing on some great products that we have used and love.  These products will make great Christmas presents so I will be calling them a lot of them Green Christmas Presents but they would also be perfect for any time.  These companies are truly dedicated to looking out for your family and mine in the area of health and well being. 


independentmami said...

I feel the same way. Today we went to the Renaissance Festival. My son comes with the school every year. But this is my first time. We spent money enjoy the rides, food, and etc. It was such a great experience.