Whoops Bunny: Cute, Creative Gifts for Every Whoops!

"Uh oh!" is a phrase I hear a lot in my house.  Gracie, almost 2, seems to say this word every 15 seconds about something.  Her name may be "Grace" but she takes after to me and is not graceful in anyway.  Just dinnertime results in food everywhere and I hear a panicky "uh oh" everytime she makes a mess.  I have been known to get spaghetti sauce on the ceiling while cooking so I know where she gets it.

When Gracie and I had the opportunity to review Whoops Bunny's fun, creative gifts there couldn't be anything better that fit my family!  I was intrigued with the name and when the package arrived, I was even more taken with the cute items inside.  The first item, I pulled out were the Whoops Bunny Menu Planner and Shopping List.

As a Keeper at Home and a frugal minded person, I know how important a menu is.  I also know that if I base my shopping list directly off my menu, we save so much more money.  I love these two items from Whoops Bunny because not only are they cute and practical but they look so nice on my fridge.  They have a huge magnetic strip on the back, allowing them to stick quickly and nicely to the fridge.  The menu planner is a wonderful size - rather large but perfect to write every meal on as well as snacks.

The next item, I pulled out was an adorable Whoops Bunny reusable gift bag.  This bag has the adorable Whoops Bunny logo on the front and is made out great fabric and perfect to put any gift in.  I love that they are made out of material and not paper because they are durable and will not get crushed as a normal gift bag does.  It can also double as a great bag for coloring crayons and coloring books as well as many other things.

Inside the gift bag, was an absolutely adorable child's apron and chef hat.  The very first thing Gracie did after I put this on her was run for the mirror.  (She is just slightly vain!)

She is in love with her hat and apron.  The hat is adjustable so a small child like her can wear it and a much larger child can also wear it.  It fit my head so it should fit any size head for the most part.  Gracie and I both love the hands all over the chef hat.

The hands on Whoops Bunny represent how the Whoops Bunny came to be:
"Once upon a time a little bunny had a 'whoops'. The bunny was jumping across the fingers on a hand and whoops...almost slipped off. The bunny and the whoops were captured forever in this rhyme and with a hop, skip and a whoops, Whoops Bunny was born.

Like that bunny, anyone, at any age, anywhere in the world, can experience a whoops! It's a part of what makes life...life! And with whoops-a-plenty under our belts, the bunnies here at Whoops Bunny HQ strive to develop products to deal with any whoops life throws at you."

I absolutely love the quality of Whoops Bunny!  I can tell that they use high quality materials and that a lot of care goes into their products.  The Chef Hat not only was cute and well thought out to be fun and quirky for any child but it was created to last a long time.  It is made of a 100% cotton and Azo free dyes.

The apron that is a part of this set is equally as cute.  For someone as small as Gracie, it is a little large.  It actually goes all the way to her feet but she loved it just the same.  I have been having her help me the kitchen so this was fun for her to get all "dressed up" to help. 

On the front of the apron, there is an adorable Whoops Bunny and he is dripping sauce off his spoon.  This so reminds me of what cooking is like in my house and this apron is perfect for all of our Whoops! 

I think Whoops Bunny products are just the cutest things on the market.  They are unique and different while being practical at the same time.  I would love to see different sizes in the child's aprons but other than that, I couldn't have been more pleased.

Whoops Bunny has a huge collection of neat things for the whole family.  There are water bottles, hairbows, notepads, wallets, all natural make up and very soon, they are releasing their rain boots and rain coat.  I can tell you that Gracie would absolutely love these and she just might find them under the Christmas tree.  She just loves to splash in puddles and the Whoops Bunny boots and raincoat would be perfect!

Check out Whoops Bunny - I am sure you won't be disappointed!  Their special items would be perfect for stocking stuffers and special gifts this holiday season!

Disclosure: This review is based on my own honest unbiased opinion of Whoops Bunny. You may or may not agree with my opinion. I was sent product free of charge to review. No one from Whoops Bunny was involved in the writing of this post.