You Know You Live In A Small Town When...

It's true my husband and I just moved to a small town.  I just moved from a small town but because it was next to an Air Force Base, it didn't have that small town mentality.  Now we have really moved to a small town and I know I live in one when:

1.  I walk into the post office and the guy in front of me asks for $200 in money orders.  The postmaster takes the money and then asks the cleaning lady if she is leaving.  She responds with yes she is but would he like her to do anything?  He proceeds to add her $200 in cash and she walks out the front door of the post office with $200 in cash in HER HAND to the bank that is around the corner! 

2.  My husband goes to get his haircut at the local hairdresser and before my husband even has his coat off and says his name, the lady tells him who is, his last name, how many kids he has, and my name!  The neighbor neither one of us have met told her everything about us the day before.

3.  I stand on my deck and the lady next door to me comes to her side door and stands sideways with the door half cracked and watches me the whole time.

4.  The UPS and FedEx people see me walking - know my name, where I live, and what boxes I received today.  They know my children's names and wave to my daughter whenever they see her.

I'm still waiting for that "Welcome to the Neighbor - We're glad you're here" speech.  I may never get it but at least I know the neighbors know I exist.  :-)



jennielee226 said...

I know! Isn't it great. I have been living in a small town for about 6 months and I love everything about it. Well almost everything. But before that I lived my whole life in the middle of nowhere so this is an upgrade for me.

ShaRhonda said...

I think you are gonna like your small town!