Giveaway Times Are Changing!

Due to time restraints on my part, giveaway procedures are changing.  Instead of making a big long post with all the winners, from now on if you want to see who won, you will have to go to that particular giveaway to see the winner.  My time is so limited right now and I do many giveaways so I had two options - get rid of the giveaways or email and post the winners on that particular post. 

If you do win, you still receive an email from me letting you know.  Also, please allow at least 6 - 8 weeks for your prize to be received.  Some companies can take as long as 14 weeks.  Please remember that your prize is free to you and should be treated in the same way as you would treat it if you signed up for something free from a regular company.  Coupons and free items can take that long, if longer, so please extend the same courtesy to the companies who generously hand out large ticket items to my readers. 

Also please remember I do not ship your prizes so I will not always know the status of your prize.  I can check on it but unless the company emails me back - I don't know anymore than you do. 

Thanks everyone for patience and understanding!