ScarAway: Help For Those Nasty Scars

Since my c-section in July, I have been searching for something that might help with the scar that I have from the surgery.  When I received this Press Release, I thought I would share it with some of you that might also be suffering from scars.  

Injuries that happen in seconds cause scars that seem like a life sentence. Some of them can even impact mobility, self-esteem and quality of life. But scars – even really old ones – don’t have to be permanent eyesores or indelible reminders of past pain. There’s an effective new non-invasive way to fade, flatten and shrink raised (hypertrophic) or keloid scars at home using patented Silon technology previously only available through hospitals, burn centers or plastic surgeons.

ScarAway Silicone Scar Sheets significantly reduce scars in just 12 weeks or less. Unlike messy creams and ointments, they are easy to use and won’t stain or stick to clothing. And due to their unique breathable, flexible, opaque fabric backing, they are the only scar treatment product that conceals and heals at the same time.

Millions of scars are generated each year by serious accidents, surgeries (one third of all babies are now delivered via C-section) and everyday scrapes and tumbles (think kids.) Silon technology has been proven in a number of clinical studies to effectively reduce and prevent scars, and ScarAway is the only over-the-counter product to offer it.

All ScarAway products can be purchased online at, and