My Twinn - A Custom Doll For Your Little Girl

Just like many girls, I dreamed of owning an American Girl doll when I was girl growing up.  I loved everything about them from their clothes, furniture, and just how life like they looked.  As a mom, I am now on the lookout for that one special doll for my daughter and when I found My Twinn - the dream of American Girl doll went out the window - this was even better!  What is more perfect than a doll that looks like your daughter? 

You can purchase matching clothing and all kinds of things for these dolls but my favorite part is just how they look like your daughter! 

These would make a wonderful one of a kind Christmas present...definitely something no other little girl will have.  As your daughter grows, these dolls will also make some wonderful keepsakes that she can one day share with her girls. 

I will be reviewing one soon but since it wouldn't get here before the ordering time is over, I decided to tell you about them first.  Until December 12th, you can order a custom made doll for your daughter.  Also for every amount you spend, you will get additional money back up to $50 to spend on whatever you want at MyTwinn.  They are also offering 50% off select doll outfits!  Definitely worth checking out!