Sacred Glo: An Unique Candle With Three Uses!

I absolutely love candles - love the smell, the ambiance that they create, and the warm, cozy feeling they seem to invoke.  I have always found that candles can be a bit wasteful though.  You only light them for a short period of time to fill your house with a pleasant smell and then when you blow them out, they are fill the house with smoke and they are done.  When the candle has no more wax left, you throw its container away.

I have always felt bad about throwing this perfectly good containers away so when I was presented with a candle that is not wasteful, I was incredibly intrigued.  Sacred Glo candles are the neatest candles I think I have seen.  They first fill your house with their very fragrant smell.  I had the opportunity to review the Almond Glo and loved it.  I think I would really love the Nevis Island Breeze also.  

I kept the candle lit for about 10 minutes and then I blew it out.  I waited for the oils to cool slightly and then I dipped my fingers into the oils.  Yes, I actually put my hands into the wax!  I then rubbed the oils from the candle into my hands.  I also had the husband rub my shoulders with the oils.  What a great massage oil, this candle is!  It is a wonderful lotion and very therapeutic.  After doing many hours of painting, this candle was great!

When the candle is completely used up, you can then clean it out and use it as a drinking glass or a classy bathroom decoration! 

I absolutely love how not a single thing is wasted with this candle!  What a perfect Christmas gift this would make because you know that the special person who receives this can use for many years to come!  You can purchase the Sacred Glo candles from their website. 

Win It!!

For the next three days, Sacred Glo is allowing me to give away three 4 oz containers to my readers!   Each day, I will post a new giveaway which will last for only 24 hours!  Each giveaway will have different ways to enter.  Each day before posting the new giveaway, I will post the winner of the previous day's contest.  Be prepared!  These will run fast!


Susana C. said...

ooooh!!! now this i want! eyes and ears open!

Lorraine said...

how do I enter this? I don't see a spot to do so.