New PishPosh Mommy Additions

I just went on PishPosh Mommy's site this afternoon and came across their new products. They are absolutely adorable and definitely note worthy.

I absolutely love this cute, chic PishPosh Mommy Carryall Tote!  It is the same as the zippered and pull string carryall's, it just now has handles.  The new fabric is stunning!  I love it!

I had the opportunity to see a PishPosh Mommy Carryall just recently when someone purchased one for my sister in law.  They had read my giveaway and thought that with it's 13 pockets, she needed on for her new baby (my niece - due any day).  It is the perfect bag for any mom who is trying to stay organized! 

PishPosh also just added very chic diaper clutches!  After seeing pictures, these are now going on my husband's Christmas list for me.  I have a red diaper bag and purse so what would be cuter than the clutch pictured on the left?  It is so adorable!  I love it! 

Well, this post wasn't really anything but to let you all know what I had found and they were so cute, I couldn't resist letting you all know about my find!