Handy Manny: Handy Manny's Motorcycle Adventure

My toddler has been a huge fan of tools every since her daddy, grandpa, and uncle introduced her to the art of fixing things.  She has also loved motorcycles every since daddy let her ride on the back.

When we had the opportunity to review Handy Manny's Motorcycle Adventure, it was the perfect match for our family. 

Synopsis: In this road trip adventure, Manny decides to bring his friends and tools along for the ride to a fiesta grande – Manny’s family reunion. With everyone safely aboard his magnificent motorcycle, Manny helps the communities he passes through with fixes and repairs, and even has time to teach Pat the hammer that families come in all shapes and sizes. With quick teamwork and clever steering, Manny manages to rescue Pat, Squeeze, and Flicker who strayed from the group and get everyone to the reunion on time to partake in the exciting family festivities.

My Thoughts:  Gracie and I both thought this movie was fun.  She just loves that the tools talk and go on their own adventures.  I love that the music isn't loud and obnoxious.  Warning: Do not let the songs get stuck in your head - they will be there for good!  If you find yourself singing Handy Manny songs all day, it is time to have your child watch a different cartoon!

I also loved that the movie was less than 60 minutes.  This made it easy for the whole family to watch the cartoon together for a family movie night.  We also loved "The Very Handy Holiday" bonus episode.  Anything with Manny's tools, Gracie is in love with!

You can purchase Handy Manny's Motorcycle Adventure for $15.99 on Amazon.com.