When Life Overwhelms You...

Come join me for a cup of coffee!  In the last 8 months, my family went through 3 major life changes.  You are only suppose to go through 1 a year but we decided to go through 3.  My husband started a new job in April, we had a baby in July, acquired a house in October, and moved in to the house in November.  This last week, we added a dog. 

This year has been a lifetime of changes for my family but I have learned some valuable lessons through these changes and from running this blog since February. 

1.  Run away when you are about to open your mouth to one more obligation.  Don't walk - run and don't look back!

2.  Never have Thanksgiving at your house the same week that you decide to officially move in.  Also don't have your mother-in-law come that week either!

3.  If something needs replacing and your husband doesn't seem in a hurry to do, let the new dog destroy it.

4.  If the sheets in your house need changing, let the almost 2 year old take a nap on them.  Chances are she will have stripped off her diaper before she fell asleep and now you'll have to do it. (she's not potty trained)

5.  Want to mop your floors?  Let the once again very active toddler, crumble cookies and then pour juice all over the top of the cookies.

6.  Feel the need to hurt someone because you took on too much stuff?  Leave a fishnet on the hardwood floors in your house, walk around with socks, forget about the fishnet, and step on the fishnet.  Crash landing!  You'll have hurt the one that put you in all that trouble.

7.   Keep your eyes on the Master and Saviour because really He is the only one that can help when life overwhelms you.


Susana C. said...

love it. you know, i was just checking your blog today for updates and wondering how you keep up with so much stuff. two kids, dog, daily giveaways, winner, checking entries. etc...

God's grace is sufficient. Keep up the good work. The blog has come such a long way!

lfhpueblo said...

I like how you say run, don't walk away from one more commitment.
Yep, the Savior is the only one to help us keep on task, but how many tasks does he really want us to have? I know he doesn't want us to have so many that we have no time for him.
Keeping the Faith. God Bless.