Quick Blog Update

While I had ever intention to blog many times today, unfortunately I was unable to due an allergic reaction to our new furry friend. I had to take Benadryl causing me to not be able to think.  I'll be back tomorrow with lots of giveaways (I promise) but for now I am taking my aching head and stuffed nose to bed. 

Don't worry, our furry friend is still here to stay.  I have had this before my body just has to adjust to him and then we'll be fine. 

JD has had a great day by the way and we couldn't love him more.  Thank you so much to all those who gave advice.  I am putting much of it into practice and will share more of that tomorrow.  God couldn't have sent us a better dog but I'll tell you more later.

Thanks for your support and for being such great readers!