Wordless Wednesday: Year in Review

I couldn't think of a better Wordless Wednesday than sharing our 2009 with you. This year has been so different with many changes for our family. You all have been a part of it as this blog began in February of 2009.

I have enjoyed every step of this journey - this year began with a brand new 1 year old who was just beginning to walk.

She is now 2, runs and tries to let us know everything on her mind.  

We lived in a small apartment with just one child and a bird. 


It has ended with two children, a house, and...

a dog!

My husband is no longer unemployed but we still frugally.

I am still trying to find the best deals on diapers and trying not to lose my mind.


As we begin and look forward to 2010, I look forward to sharing more memories, more fun, and many more deals.  

If 2010 is anything like 2009, it should be an adventure!  God is still at the reigns and I am excited to see what He has in store.

Happy New Year from our house to yours!


Midday Escapades said...

Yeah! Here's to an adventurous 2010. Happy New Year.

katy said...

2009 was good to you. I hope 2010 brings many happy memories to you and your family.

Xmas Dolly said...

2009 will live un your heart forever I see. They are absolutely precious. I'll be back to watch them grow... I bet daddy will have problems with all the bows for that cutie little girl of yours. LOL HAPPY NEW YEAR! I'm a follower.

Macy said...

I love you guys!! I miss my babies and their mommy and daddy....