Being The Best YOU Can Be!

I think from the time little girls can walk or talk, they have their eye on what the "competition" is doing.  Stand in a two-year old classroom and every single one of those little girls is trying to outdo the other one.  
As the those little girls grow up, they hold on to that.  Sometimes unconsciously comparing themselves to the other girls in school, trying to break into the "in groups", always seeing the imperfections and rarely realizing the true inner beauty, talent, and uniqueness that she has.

Now that little girl is a woman - maybe she's just a mom, maybe she goes to work everyday and put her kids in daycare, maybe she's a stay at home, maybe she's a blogger, whatever she is this lady has potential!  Unfortunately this lady is all of us - whether you are just a reader, a blogger, or myself - we all have potential - to be the best we, as an individual, can be

Just this week, I got a little discouraged.  I looked at my numbers of visitors and the number was so low.  I compared it to others around me and they just didn't compare.  I added a new statcounter and while my numbers weren't as good as many other bloggers, they were better than what the old meter had stated.  It was missing 50 visitors for every 200 stopping by.  That doesn't seem like a lot but it adds up quickly.  
When I realized this and then realized my discouragement, I called a halt to everything I was doing.  What on earth am I blogging for?  Am I blogging for 50,000 readers?  Or am I blogging for the close to 7,000 that visit my site monthly?  Should I really care how many readers I have?  

When I analyzed these questions, I came to this conclusion - I'm blogging for me and for the readers who actually care to listen.  I love what I do and as long as I have the trust of the few readers I have that is all that matters.  

Let me ask you a question.  Do you love what you do?  As a mom, as an employee, as a blogger, as a wife?  Who are you doing it for?  

I challenge you - stop looking at everyone else.  We never measure up to others but who cares?  That other person you may be comparing yourself to probably feels the same way you do!  Stop looking at the numbers so to speak and look at being the best you!  Don't try to be like anyone else - just be you!  

If we as women stop comparing our families, our blogs, our lives (what we see on the outside), our everything - I believe that we could build a strong community of women who are not only good but great.  Find security in who God made you to be and be it.