Small Talk Six: Movies I Refuse To Watch Again

This week's Small Talk Six, as seen here, is all about the 6 Worst Films You Have Ever Seen.

Over the last few years, I haven't been a huge movie watcher - just too busy and normally some child needs my attention so I don't think I fully watched an entire movie since my daughter has been born.

But there are several movies over my lifetime that standout as horrible!

1.  The Grudge.  This is one my sister said was good (she had it heard from someone else).  Turns out it is a horror film and was the worst movie ever.  I still can not get the terrible noises that was made in this movie.  How can you have a movie where no one talks.  My sister is banned from suggesting movies.

2.  Rocketman.  My husband, father, and brother love this movie.  For what reason, I shall never get.  Someone with that much flatulence on television should find another job.  I broke down and bought this movie for my husband for Christmas but I refuse to watch it - Julie can.

3.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  My husband made me watch this with him even at my begging to be released.  I'm still trying to get my brain cells back that I lost because of this movie.

4.  The Last Samurai.  I just couldn't make it through all the blood and guts.  To be honest, I didn't make it through the whole movie - I went to bed or else I was going to be sick.

5.  Ten Things I Hate About You.  I only made it through 15 minutes of this and I only got that far because I was suppose to be reviewing it.  As a parent, I absolutely would not let my child watch this series on TV.

6.  Napoleon Dynamite.  I still haven't figured out this movie and why it is suppose to be so funny.  Please don't tell me I have to waste my perfectly good brain cells watching it again to find the humor.  Anything I have to watch more than once to think is great - is not great!  :-)

So, what are your least favorite movies of all time?  I want to hear them - they just might be my favorite.  :-)


"Miss" Anita said...

Billy Madison and Unforgiven are my two least favorite movies. Billy Madison was stupid... no point to it whatsoever. And, Unforgiven was pointless, but in a very cold-hearted way.

Anonymous said...

I didn't pick The Grudge!! It was...JULIE! :-) If I could remember the names of the sappy Hallmark movies I had to endure at Christmastime, I'd have a whole list for you! ;-)

~ Your favorite sister :-)

Alicia said...

Did not like the Grudge! Waste of my time!

Lindsey said...

Oh my goodness, guess what we're watching right now... The Last Samurai! hahaha My husband wanted to see it - he likes those war type movies. I finally had to come to the computer because it was sad (I don't like all the killing).

And my sister recommended The Grudge, too. Sisters. lol

Janessa said...

The Last Samurai actually had a good story. I guess I must be desensitized, the blood and guts doesn't bother me. :)

My oldest kid begged and begged to watch The Grudge so I finally broke down and let him...then I could scare the crap out of him at random by making that noise. :) Totally worth it for

Deb said...

I HATE Disneyfied animal films--the kind where real animals talk and are like little furry people. Detested Babe, Airbud, that sort of thing. Animation films are okay (I love Finding Nemo, for example).

I LOVE animals, especially dogs, but want them to behave like animals when they are center stage.

Anonymous said...

Napoleon Dynamite was one of my favorites. I thought it was hilarious and have watched it several times. Maybe because I am older and get it, I don't know.

Xmas Dolly said...

Unfortunate Events with Jim Carrey; They played this movie up to be really a GO SEE IT RIGHT AWAY MOVIE - B-O-R-I-N-G! Worse movie he ever did. There was another one that I wasn't so crazy about was Nanny McPhee (I think that was the name. Another movie that was so advertised, and all it really was was a very poor imitation of Mary Poppins, sort of!

Aubrie Williams said...

Sweet Alaskan Asparagus... seriously?!? Rocketman is like one of the bestest movies ever! Haha. We just watched this movie last night. Ben laughed through the entire thing.
I'm totally with you on the blood and guts war movies. Ben makes me watch those with him and I can barely tolerate them. Those are good movies to crochet to.
Oh and by the way... Vote for Pedro.

Auriette said...

I really liked the movie of "10 Things I Hate About You," but of course I wasn't watching it as a parent. I'm not at all interested in the series, though.

As for movies-to-avoid:
1. "Wing Commander" - poorly written, poorly executed, and the only reason I went to see it in the first place was that the trailer for the new Star Wars movie was playing with it.
2. Any Jim Carrey Movie - I liked him well enough in "In Living Color" but I can't stand the way he's always making faces and mugging for the camera.
3. "Curse of the Swamp Creature" - I saw this one on the midnight movie when I was in high school, and it was aweful, even for a corny old B movie.

Those are the worst movies I can think of right now.